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Derek Reddy

Invest your time and efforts on improving your English. 


What I do

business professionals

Business Professionals

If you are using English professionally as a coach, trainer, sales person, negotiator, moderator, presenter, international team member I can help you speak English with more clarity and more naturally.

I have been helping business professionals for over 20 years to communicate effectively and making sure their message is understood. This applies to non-native speakers who have to communicate globally using English as the communication langauge and also for native speakers that wish to communicate with a non-native audience and have their message understood.


Language & Mindset Coaching

Turning the “I can’t” to “I can”.

A change of mindset can unlock the potential that lies within.

Feeling stuck? Not progressing how you would like? Tired of endlessly trying to be perfect in your language skills?

Time to try something new and get a different result.

Language Coach
content creator

Content Creator

Where can you find good content about your industry or profession? How can you turn that into learning material?

English is the current lingua franca of international business, education, science, technology, diplomacy, entertainment, radio, seafaring, and aviation.

I create content for companies and individuals based on the most commonly used vocabulary used within a particular sphere.

If you would like to know more about how I can turn your industry information into interactive learning materials contact me today.

Why Choose Me



Over 20 years as a professional language trainer


putting you first and helping you to reach your goals


understanding that time is of the essence I operate a flexible approach that includes synchronous & asynchronous options


What My Clients Say?

I am extreamly happy with the lessons that I got. Derek gave me a lot of advice and tips how to improve my business English skills. I changed my behavior and the results is great.
Software Developer
Helpful and useful English lessons.
Many thanks to Derek for his work. He understood my goals and wishes. During our lessons we tried to create a special approach to improve my speech and learn new vocabulary. Highly recommended:)
Museum Curator
Perfect English lessons. We had very good English lessons with Derek Reddy. We discussed interesting subjects and were able to improve our English. And the "good thing" we always had "fun". So it was not only a lesson but also a very nice learning atmosphere, which I really enjoyed. Thanks a lot Derek
CEO pa
Language Coach
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